What Michael Klinghoffer has accomplished in bringing clarity to his 'revolutionary' method, "Mr. Karr, Would You Teach Me How to Drive a Double Bass?", is so brilliant, so clever and so comprehensible that I am thrilled to recommend it to all serious students of my instrument.
Gary Karr

Most of what I have learned in music was self-taught until I decided to study the double bass. I then had to get the basics and find a good teacher as it is a very demanding instrument. I was so lucky to find Michael Klinghoffer in Jerusalem who had just returned from his studies with Gary Karr in the United States. The open-minded and at the same time advanced approach he offered was perfect for me. He always had a creative way of solving any technical and musical challenge and was not attached to one book or one particular way (which unfortunately is usually the case). I will always be grateful to Gary Karr for his genius and to Michael for passing it on through his teaching and through this book.
Avishai Cohen
Jazz Bassist and Composer

Michael Klinghoffer's book on Gary Karr is a delightful and accessible glimpse into Karr's magical legacy. Gary has been such a beacon of inspiration to an infinite number of bassists (myself included!). Michael's book is a journey into many of Gary's famous exercises but with Michael's unique descriptions. These vivid and helpful associations bring Gary's technical and musical principles to life and easily transferable to the young and more experienced bassists. There are two valuable appendixes devoted to Gary Karr's Scales and Michael's own dissertation on creativity and learning. This is a must book and fabulous documentation of Gary Karr's legacy through the eyes and hands of one special teacher.
Barry Green, Bassist, Educator.
Author of The Inner Game of Music,
The Mastery of Music and Bringing Music to Life

Illustrations: Inbal Nissim

Michael Klinghoffer has meticulously revealed in print many valuable tricks that fine teachers only verbally share with their students. His book, "Mr. Karr, Would You Teach Me How to Drive a Double Bass?" is logically laid out, playfully presented and is complete with engaging drawings, photographs and examples. He uses comparisons and metaphors to further explain his points. The book should be part of every teacher's library and used liberally as the student becomes able. His Appendix 2 includes his wonderful paper, "Excellence in the Age of Ratings", a statement of the importance for continuing one's (anyone's) education.
Virginia Dixon
Suzuki Bass School Pioneer, Pedagogue and Teacher Trainer

Michael Klinghoffer's double bass method, drawing inspiration from his mentor Gary Karr, offers innovative, practical and most inspiring advice to the serious student, teacher or performer. Wholeheartedly recommended to all string players.
Sergiu Schwartz
Concert Violinist
Turner Distinguished Faculty Chair in Violin
Schwob School of Music, Columbus State University, USA

If you are reviewing or researching books for teaching bass without tension or stress, and are in need of one that incorporates "thinking & singing" notes prior to playing, this is it. Klinghoffer offers notated examples and pictures that will enable the reader to replicate what he provides to the bass learner.
Cecil Adderley
Chair of Music Education, Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA

This book combines clear explanations to approach the bass technically and musically, while at the same time encouraging the reader to explore why these methods work so well. I recommend this to all bass students and teachers and even those who wish to better understand the physics of our instrument and the art of making music.
David Murray
Associate Professor of Bass, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, USA