The Bottesini Etudes Project

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The Newest Edutes

Some notes about the Bottesini Etudes

 In the introduction to his method, Botessini emphasizes the importance of Solfege. All the etudes are actually Solfege exercises and I recommend using them as such.

 I have left the original bowings but have omitted the fingerings on purpose.

 The etudes should be sung first, naming the notes (solfege or ABC), and then the student should think about the fingerings away from the instrument.

Bowing variations are very useful and should be used freely.

For the more advanced students I use the etudes for teaching all the clefs and transpositions: First we do them in Tenor clef, then in Alto clef, Baritone clef,  (C clef on the second line) and last in Treble clef. This way I make sure that the student is reading fluently in all of the above clefs.

 Explore, be creative, have fun....

More to follow.

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