Ilya Ziblat Shay

 Ilya ZIblat Shay (*1975), composer and bass player. Born in Haifa, Israel, and currently residing in the Netherlands.

 His music shifts between fixed materials and indeterminate ones, exploring combinations of written scores with guided improvisation. He works both with the acoustic and the electronic mediums.

 His compositions has been performed by ensembles and soloists in Europe, Japan and in Israel: the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, ASKO, ensemble MAE, St. George strings, duo Zorongo and others. He has participated in various festivals: the 19th International Review of Composers (Belgrade 2009), Tenso Dagen- festival for contemporary choir music (Amsterdam 2009), and Dag in de Branding (the Hague 2008). Prize winner in the International Competition for Music Composition (Tel Aviv-Los Angeles partnership, 2003).

 As an instrumentalist he is dedicated to the performance of the contemporary classical repertoire, both on the contrabass and on the bass-guitar, making use of his skills as a classical bass player, as well as an improviser. He has performed together with Fast Opera Productions (FOP), ensemble Klang, ensemble SZ, ensemble Modello 62. He is regularly collaborating with the soprano Elisenda Elisenda Pujals Picó (voice - bass duo), and works in a trio together with Maya Felixbrodt and Tomer Harari.

 Ilya holds a bachelor degree in composition from the Rubin academy, Tel Aviv University, and a master's degree from the royal conservatory, the Hague. He is currently pursuing a PhD in composition at the Orpheus Institute/ Leiden University. He has studied contrabass with Michael Klinghoffer (Israel) and with Quirijn van Regteren Altena (the Netherlands), graduating with a certificate in the Hague conservatory.