School of Physical Education contributes to the development of sports tourism industry in Sanya with its think tank

2021/10/21 9:46:46

Recently, the Overall Plan of Sports Tourism Development in Sanya (2021-2035) was approved and implemented by Sanya Municipal Government. The Plan was mainly made by the School of Physical Education, USY, under the leading and organization of Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau.

According to Jia Pengshe, dean of the School of Physical Education and who headed the job, the Plan defines Sanya as “a world-class tropical coastal sports and leisure center, a national recreational sports resort, a national sports tourism demonstration city, a renowned city of international sports events. With the implementation of the Plan, the sports tourism in Sanya will develop into a big industry with quality and benefit Sanya’s society and economy. 


In order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the new sports tourism industry characterized by the integration of sports industry and tourism industry, Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau commissioned University of Sanya to organize the preparation of the Plan at the end of 2018. Jia Pengshe, then deputy dean of the School of Physical Education, headed the task and invited scholars from City University of Macau, Shanxi University, Liming Vocational University and other universities as well as experts from the relevant enterprises to participate in the Plan’s compiling. The first draft of the Plan was completed in April, 2019.

Editor&Translator: Zhang Yuhong

Source: 体育学院以智库力量助力三亚体育旅游产业发展-59859cc威尼斯官网 (

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