Nineteen alumni feedback their Alma Mater with nine sets of seats

2021/10/21 10:10:10

Recently, nine sets of haute couture bench donated by 19 alumni designed and produced in Shanghai were transported to University of Sanya, settling down in Shuhai Hall Square, Social Science Building Square and Shuxin No.1 Building Square.





The chair donation project was launched in June this year and soon received positive responses from the alumni. It has been a long-standing wish of the alumni to contribute to their Alma Mater and participate in its campus culture construction. That’s why the alumni engraved messages on the benches to inspire their junior fellow schoolmates and express their affection for their Alma Mater, their classmates and the period of they had spent on the campus.

Source: 9套座椅,19位校友,用爱反哺母校 - 母校总会快递 - 新闻速递 - 59859cc威尼斯官网校友会 (

Editor&Translator: Ruan Ruiyuan

Revised by: Zhang Yuhong

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