Deng Yue, a teacher in the Physical Education Institute of University of Sanya , officiated the Taekwondo competition at the National Games

2021/11/23 14:01:11

On September 27, the Fourteenth National Games ended in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. As the first national games held in the western region of China, the Games is an important platform and window to showcase the level of competitive sports, the strength of mass sports and the development of sports industry in China. Mr. Deng Yue from the Physical Education Institute of University of  Sanya (USY) participated in the National Games Taekwondo Competition of the Games as the first technical official of Hainan Province.


                                      (Mr. Deng Yue at the 14th National Games)

It was reported that 33 teams including the ones of Hong Kong and Macao competed in Hanzhong Gymnasium in Shaanxi. Seven teams from Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hunan and Beijing won the gold medal after eight levels of fierce competition in four competition days.


                   (Entrance of the referee team of the 14th National Games Taekwondo Competition)

Mr. Deng Yue, the first representative of Hainan Province,  served as the technical official of the Taekwondo competition in this year's National Games, officiating impartially and performing his duties with dedication. During the competition, Mr. Deng acted as the chief referee, scoreboard referee, TA technical assistant and inspection referee, and worked carefully and rigorously to strictly implement the rules and regulations. 


           (CCTV5 channel live taekwondo final (Teacher Deng Yue officiating, first from the right))

Mr. Deng said that it was an honor and a reward for him to represent Hainan Province and USY to participate in the refereeing work of the national top comprehensive games. And it was a rare opportunity to communicate with the peers in terms of professional business level, competition officiating ability and sports event operation management. At the same time, in the process of the competition, no matter from the setting of the competition system or from the intensity in the competition, he experienced the challenge and cruelty of competitive sports to the athletes, which would help him in guiding his students in the teaching and training process.

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